Graphic showing a rocket travelling from the planet of your old life into the future

Coming Soon: The Field Guide to Change

A guide to navigating changes in life

Are you going through a change – in your relationships, your work life, or your *life* life? Or are you stuck wanting to make change happen – trying to move from where you are now to where you want to be?

Field Guide author Lou says, “With my love of all things storytelling and science, I like to compare navigating life’s changes with making a journey through space. You’re navigating through uncharted territory, being sucked into black holes, and can never seem to find a safe place to land!

This is where the Field Guide to Change comes in. It is designed help you to work out where you are on your journey through change and prepare for what’s coming next.”

A digital download of the book will be available later this year, and may be followed by a crowdfunding campaign. If you’d like to get in on the action early, sign up now. As an added bonus, you’ll receive regular emails called “Field Notes”. That means you get first access to content that won’t make it into the book and sneak previews of content that will be in the book.

There are no gimmicks and we’ll keep your email safe. It’s just a monthly email from Lou and her team here at You Can Hub sharing our learning. The rest is up to you.