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It can be hard to make a change in your life.

It can also be hard to get a new idea off the ground.

That’s why we started Misfit Local events – they’re free* and they’re just for you

Listen to stories from other people in our community here in Cambridge, UK – from our Misfit Storytellers. Misfit Storytellers are just like you and me. Trying to make a difference where we can, trying to understand our journey so far in life, and trying to help others along the way.

Bring an idea, whatever stage it’s at – seed, shoot, or sapling. It’s difficult to do things differently, and take steps to get an idea off the ground. Especially if it’s an idea you’re really passionate about, and others keep shouting you down! Come along to Misfit Local and share your idea in a supportive environment and ask for help from the community.

Join us every other month, from 7pm to 9.30pm at Hot Numbers, Gwydir St, Cambridge. Register for the next Misfit Local and sign up to get email reminders for all future events below.

Our next event is on May 17th – sign up for reminders below to be the first to hear about our Misfit Storyteller.

* No one should ever be unable to attend Misfit Local because they can’t afford it, so we’re committed to keeping it free. You’re welcome to make a donation along with your ticket. For some special events we may recommend a donation because we have additional costs we need to cover.

Misfit Local is produced in partnership with our dear friends and experts in hand-crafted experiences, Misfit Inc, and is kindly hosted by our favourite misfit coffee-crafters at Hot Numbers (except for special events). 

listen back to Antony from Jan 2015

Listen back to Antony’s story

[January 2015]


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