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Since 2010, The You Can Hub has provided the community, environment and resources to make change happen. As a small grassroots non-profit based in Cambridge, England, we have always had big aspirations about the influence and power we have. Small doesn’t have to mean powerless and we have created big impact by starting small and local.

All change starts with one person pursuing an interest and focused on making a positive change for themselves and others.

By creating shared, welcoming spaces, enabling peer to peer support, helping people to realise their purpose, encouraging human connections, You Can Hub will change the world – and already has.

How we work

Helping people do the world-changing work they instinctively know they are capable of by

  • Leading personal challenges
  • Creating a safe, supportive community
  • Providing workshops and other opportunities for self awareness and development
  • Hearing and sharing real life stories of doing work that matters

Encouraging inclusion

Humans do want to include other humans, but may lack the skills and experience to do it in practice. Including others is a skill we can all learn.

  • Having a ladder of participation, so that people of all abilities have the opportunity to participate
  • Enabling shared experiences for groups of people who wouldn’t otherwise meet
  • Promoting healthy living, social inclusion and community building
  • Modelling how to include others who are different from you

Principles we work to

  • Being part of a community and being able to contribute to that community are vital to each of us fulfilling our potential
  • With helpful tools, a supportive environment, and encouragement from each other:
    • Anyone and everyone can develop their own confidence
    • Anyone and everyone can reconnect with their remarkable abilities and discover new ones
  • Everyone deserves respect and the opportunity to be heard


Our stories of change

Aaran and Ruth’s Story

Neil’s Story

Mel’s Story