In 2010, five intrepid individuals started meeting up to share a meal, each bringing food to the table. We were all either at risk of redundancy or ready for a change in our lives. Asking big questions, we soon discovered a common desire to change our own world and the world around us. We also shared a set of core values: a passion to do things differently, the belief that anyone can, and the desire to do it together

Each of us had our own ideas of what our own lives could be like – lives that celebrated our strengths and the things that we love to do, as well as being the change we want to see in the world (inspired by the great social activist, Gandhi). 

We share a desire to make a positive change in our own lives, and in our community

Since 2010 we have helped ourselves and others to overcome their impossible. We specialise in helping people to define their personal barriers, and work out how to overcome them. In doing this, we’ve created lots of “firsts” – going on the radio for the first time, travelling to America for the first time, getting fit for the first time, singing in public for the first time… Some of us have also gone on to make a wider impact by sharing our impossible with others. Find out more by learning about our team.