Creating change for yourself or the world around you (or both!) requires tenacity and guts that we often attribute to others, and can burn us out in the long run.

The You Can Hub gives you the tools, environment and community for you to connect with your courage and create the change you want to see in your own life without defaulting to “grinning and bearing it” through the tough spots.

We’re currently on hiatus, taking time to develop a new offer to help you be the change:


Our Mission

Our mission is to empower people through supporting them to discover their inner superhero. We’re the Agency for Change, here to inspire you to make a change and have fun doing it.

The world changes for the better when everyone feels in control of their lives and the difference they want to see in it, and when they’re doing that together. We found it much easier to make changes in our lives when we tried to do it together, and when we made it fun – and we want to share that with others.



Our Story 

In 2010, five intrepid individuals started meeting up to share a meal, each bringing food to the table. We were all either at risk of redundancy or ready for a change in our lives. Asking big questions, we soon discovered a common desire to change our own immediate world and the wider world around us. We also shared a set of core values: a passion to do things differently, the belief that anyone can, and the desire to do it together

Each of us had our own ideas of what our own lives could be like – lives that celebrated our strengths and the things that we love to do, as well as being the change we want to see in the world (inspired by that great social activist, Gandhi). 


Make a positive change in your own life, and in your community

Since 2010 we have helped ourselves and others to overcome their impossible. We specialise in helping people to define their personal barriers, and work out how to overcome them. In doing this, we’ve created lots of “firsts” – going on the radio for the first time, travelling to America for the first time, getting fit for the first time, singing in public for the first time… Some of us have also gone on to make a wider impact by sharing our impossible with others. Find out more by learning about our team.



Since 2011, You Can Hub has:

  • Reached 4700 people through presentations (mostly, but not limited to the UK)
  • Held over 20 local events in Cambridge, reaching over 400 people
  • Kickstarted an award-winning cycling project, You Can Bike Too, that has helped more than 3500 people to cycle and been recognised by the Prime Minister and members of the Royal Family

We pride ourselves on being the Agency for Change: providing the stories, tools and community to help you to be the change you want to see in your own life and in the world. Every change starts with one person. Find out more about our impact and read some of our change stories