[This is a ‘Now page’, and perhaps you would like to make one too?]

What we’re working on now

Using the design Double Diamond to help us to design a service that helps people to live a life well lived.

  • Reflect on the work in our first ten years
    • Explore and define the activities we delivered, the impact they had and on who, and the assumptions underlying them
  • Capture questions that articulate those assumptions we have defined
  • Design an interview process that helps us to explore and interrogate those assumptions
  • Recruit people to take part in the interview process
  • Design our first test, or prototype, based on what we learn in the interviews


What we’re looking for

  • Support with adopting the lightest possible weight compliance that is in proportion with the small amount of activity we are currently undertaking
  • People who want to take part in the interviews we’re designing:
    • People looking to work in a different way than they are currently working
    • People who want to find new ways to progress in life and work
    • People who want to make more of a difference in the world
    • People who want to take what they learned during the pandemic to live a life of their choosing


Questions that hold our attention

  • How might we help people to define a change and take steps to make that change happen in a way that is affordable and accessible to many?
  • How might we position ourselves to be open to as many people as possible – a universal provision – and to bring people together who wouldn’t otherwise meet?
  • How might we change the world, one individual at a time? When one person changes their life, how might that encourage those around them to make changes too?


Big dreams

  • Make personal transformation fun, accessible, and affordable
  • Develop a means through which people can develop themselves in a supportive community, shoulder to shoulder with others, so that we all help to lift the tide together*
  • Help people to define the change they want to make in the world, and get the skills and resources they need to be that change 

* The rising tide might just lift all boats, pursued in this way (rather than this way)

Last updated March 2022. Inspired by Emily Bazalgette.