The Impossible Seems Easier Together

Remember The Impossibles and how a small group of ordinary superheroes are taking on challenges that they think are super super hard? Well, Ruth has now completed hers thanks to friends and jelly babies…

Ruth really does love anything cycling related and her favourite way to get around is on her two wheeled, basket on front, proper Cambridge towny bike (we’re still waiting on her tweed suit to match!). With coordinating You Can Bike Too and her own leisurely cycling combined, I’m not sure there are many people who think about bikes quite as much as Ruth! So when we asked her if she wanted to set herself an impossible challenge, surprise surprise, it was cycling related! This towny cyclist was going to ride 62 miles from Cambridge to Kings Lynn through the Fens!

And by golly she has gone and done it!

You might be surprised by Ruth’s response below, she certainly was. Have you ever done something big and then felt a little….disappointed?

Ruth with bike at Kings Lynn

Ruth made it to Kings Lynn!

“I did it! And, you know, I’m not sure if I’m surprised with myself or not…which seems a bit odd to me. I thought I’d be amazed, giving myself a huge pat on the back for achieving my ‘Impossible’. Instead, I feel more like, ‘yep I did well’. Sure, while I was peddling past Denver Sluice it felt like a challenge.. but now, it actually feels like it was easier than I thought it would be.I’ve been trying to work out why I feel like this. Is it because I knew I could do it before I set off? Sure, maybe there is an element of that but I still feel a little disappointed that I have not got a ‘wow, that was incredible’ feeling.

So how do I feel about my cycle ride?

As I was cycling I had the song sung by Lou Reed going around my head – ‘It’s such a perfect day’! I thought about how lucky I was to be outdoors, seeing huge grey skies that threatened rain. I felt warmth in the knowledge that my legs were working smoothly doing a good job! Although the mud on the road and the potato picking machines made me nervous, I admired the fact that they brought the ‘extra’ challenge to me – staying on my bike! I felt ‘soothed’ by the fact that all those people had sponsored me – they had faith in my abilities… They ‘carried’ me along!


What has been amazing, what has really given me the ‘wow’ factor is people’s willingness to ‘back’ me. Whether it be financially (money raised is going to You Can) and/or with lovely encouraging words – I value both equally. I have had such lovely comments said to me either about the way I work or the cause that I am raising funds for…it’s hard to measure that impact.

So the bike ride is done! But the ‘takeaway’ for me was more than the money and was more than the 62 miles I peddled! Thank you to all those people in my ‘world’ that believed in me. You have reminded me of the importance of letting others know what a great job they are doing too. Having people believe in me feels really good and I want others to have that feeling too!

And one last big thank you from my bike to Ben Haywards for treating it with the kindness and attention it needed before the big ride!”

So, Ruth’s Impossible started as a personal challenge where she figured she’d have to pull on some incredible inner strength from somewhere to succeed. But really, what got her through this challenge was more about community. It’s the pats on the back, the ‘you can do it’ attitude of her friends and acquaintances – oh and a few jelly babies which she says without she “may not have gotten past 10 Mile Bank”! We are all very proud of Ruth for completing this challenge and excited to help her complete many more in the future.

What personal challenge are you currently taking on, or thinking about taking on? Does it seem daunting and out of the reach of one human being? Well, if Ruth’s story is anything to go by then perhaps all of our challenges would seem less impossible – more possible – if we were to surround ourselves with a supportive community.

Need a community of do gooders who are experts in cheering each other on? Perhaps you’d like to take part in The Impossibles.

Ruth pushing her bike up gutter by stairs

Who needs to lift a bike when it has its own gutter!


Ruth eating jelly babies

Ruth’s supportive community – in jelly form!


Ruth by Adventure Fen sign

It’s all adventure in the fens!

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