30 Day Challenge Ideas

Since I invented Danger Lou I have taken on big adventures and small adventures – and I’ve learned the most from the small ones. I use 30 Day Challenges to try something new and see what I learn from it.

30 Day Challenges can:
– Give you a way to try something out, knowing it’s just for one month
– Help you explore what you think you can and can’t do
– Be a lot of fun!

Do your own 30 Day Challenge – here’s a tracker sheet to help you
Now you can have a go at a 30 Day Challenge too. There’s loads of ideas at the top of the page, and we made a Challenge Tracker to help you tick off your progress each day (here’s that link again). And be sure to let us know on twitter (@youcanhub) how you get on! If you need more persuading or need some inspiration, check out Danger Lou’s 30 Day Challenge stories below.

Danger Lou’s Experiences with 30 Day Challenges

Sunrise Photo Challenge
I got up in time to see the sunrise every day for 30 days and took a photo to prove it. I learned that I love starting the day outside, and I looked at my surroundings in a new way. I found that the most beautiful sunrises were on days when it later became dark, cloudy and grey.

Avoid Sugar Challenge
I love chocolate. And sweets. Who doesn’t? However, I felt like I was using sugar as a crutch to give me energy in the afternoons, and I decided to see what life would be like without it. The first week was horrible! I thought I couldn’t do it! But then I broke through the withdrawals and started to feel healthier. I kept the challenge going for more than 90 days… until Christmas came along! I learned that I don’t really need sugar in my life. It’s nice as a treat but one treat soon becomes four. It’s easier to just say no… and so maybe I’ll do this challenge again in the future.

Doodle a Day Challenge
Every day for 30 days, a new doodle. I started out with a word a day using the inspiration from Caroline Kelso’s Hand Lettering Course, and then I kept going. I switched so that I started to doodle phrases that I saw my friends and family using on facebook… and I found that people loved seeing their status presented in a fancy doodle! It taught me a lot about creating genuine connection on social media. This was another challenge that stretched to 90 days, as I also tried to tell a story (of Eric the Leaf) in 30 days, and also explored my thoughts on risk-taking in doodle form. I’m now putting my doodling to good use in creating You Can Hub’s Field Guide to Change, an illustrated guide and map that helps you to navigate through changes in life. If you want to get the latest news on the Field Guide, sign up for Field Notes.

30 Day Burpee Challenge
I’ve struggled with my fitness for a long time, since getting diagnosed with a hormone disorder back in 2006. I’d made such good progress in recent years, that I could do 5 burpees in a row. I saw a Burpee Fitness Challenge online which had a timetable of 2250 burpees in one month. That seemed like a ridiculous number! I decided to do as many burpees as I could each day in the month of June, without trying to keep up with the timetable. On the last day of May I tested out my skills and found that I could do 15 in a row, and so the challenge was on. However, Day 1 ended up with me doing no burpees at all! I came back the next day, and found that I could do sets of 10 and that’s what I did, building up day after day. At the end of the month, I had done it – I had done 2250 burpees! I learned that it really is possible to totally surprise myself. I learned how to do the challenge with kindness; I started to get aches and pains one week in. Instead of pushing through the pain, I researched good technique and was very mindful of that, and the pain lessened. At the end of the challenge I was doing over 100 burpees a day. The last week was pretty hard, and I was happy it was over. Do I still do burpees now? Yes – as part of a well-rounded fitness routine. I found that burpees are a great way to build my overall strength and help my body to regulate its own metabolism. Such a great challenge!

So what are you waiting for! Download your Challenge Tracker and get started today!