After watching the video, can you relate to Lou? Are you also wanting to battle the Robot of Mediocrity, end the daily grind, and find a place where work is play? Is your job ok, but nothing special? Do you remember the concept of a career path, and feel more like you’re wandering around in the wilderness? Are you playing it safe, and in need of a sense of adventure?

Lou invites you to join her on a journey of contagious danger, to break free of the Robot of Mediocrity, and reveal her inner superhero, Danger Lou – and yours too! Bringing ideas, questions and events that help you on your own journey.

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Danger Lou has been on a host of adventures. You can read the full story here.

Try a 30 Day Challenge
One of the main ways Danger Lou brings adventure into her everyday life is through 30 Day Challenges. Lou has done 30 Day Challenges in fitness, drawing, photography, and avoiding sugar. Find out more and try one for yourself here.

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When all avenues seem closed to you, when you don’t know which way to turn, and when it feels like your feet are stuck in treacle – turn to Danger Lou. On a Danger Call with Danger Lou, you’ll get 45 minutes of dedicated time to work through a specific question of your choice, or to hold you accountable on a key area of your current action plan.

  1. If your questions are…
    • What do I want to do next?
    • Where do I go from here?
    • How do I know this is what I want?
  2. If your areas of accountability are…
    • How can I stick to the schedule I’ve created myself?
    • How can I make sure I am using the methodology I’ve designed?
    • How can I make sure I’m looking after myself while I’m in this transition?

… then a Danger Call is for you! Danger Lou is our resident expert at helping people find clarity and action when it all seems too much. Book a call below.

What People are Saying about Danger Lou

“I LOVE what you are seeking to be and create and want to support you.”

“An artist for the modern world”

“Has the ability to ask questions that really piss you off!”  in a good way 🙂

“Sees endless possibilities for people”

“Sharp and will dig into you until you find yourself”

“Helped me get unstuck more times than I can count”

“An amazing talent for seeing the best in people and allowing them to shine”

“I told you an idea and you helped make it happen”

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