Do you want an incredible family challenge to start off your summer?

2 nights camping, 1 day hiking = a massive challenge to show you and your kids that you can do anything.

And here’s the best bit. You’ll be doing the entire climb with other families.


We’re looking for parents and kids to join our Family Snowdonia Hike. Could it be you?

The exact walk will be decided on the day based on weather conditions etc, with options coming out soon. We do know that it will be near Snowdon (but not the full Snowdon mountain) and it will be a big challenge but doable.

We’ll all be in it together. We’ll all be experiencing the pain of persuading the kids to keep putting one foot in front of the other. We’ll be sharing tips on motivating our little ones and engaging them with the wonderful surroundings we’ll be in. We’ll even be taking it in turns carrying the babies in backpacks if you like.

This is no race up the mountain. The pace will be set exclusively at the speed of a pair of tiny legs.

This is no endurance event. If you and your sprog are finding it too tough then we’ll work together to get you to the top (to the train) or get you back down safely.

This is an opportunity for families who would normally find it too difficult, too challenging or too scary to climb a mountain on their own and unsupported.

This is a chance for you to prove to a young adventurer that they can achieve things they never thought possible.

This is your time to show yourself that adventure doesn’t have to die when you have kids. In fact, you’ll see your adventures in a whole new light, through the wonder and awe in your own kids’ eyes.

What’s included?
The most important intangible feelings:

    • Turning Impossible to I’m Possible – show yourself and your kids that you can do whatever you set your mind to do. Even if you don’t make the top, you got out there and you TRIED!
    • Community – find your people, support, love, and complete understanding of just how tricky this is to achieve!

The tangibles:

    • Camping for 2 nights in the most stunning location. Spitting distance from Snowdon, half a mile from the town centre and with views overlooking the North West peak. What better location could you ask for?
    • Food for Saturday: Breakfast, packed Lunch and BBQ Dinner
    • Breakfast on the Sunday
    • Guided day long hike near Snowdon (led by the legendary Chief Adventure Officer at the Adventurers Club and Ordnance Survey GetOutside Champion Jason Rawles no less!)
    • Pre event access to the rest of the team who are climbing too so that you can share your excitement and worries, talk car sharing, equipment tips and more

What’s NOT included?

    • Camping equipment – but we will give you a list of suggested kit and if you need anything just ask as someone in the group might have spare!
    • Travel to and from the campsite
    • Food on the Friday night or after breakfast on the Saturday
    • Extra snacks


Spaces are limited to only 14 places (including adults and kids) so get in quick before the opportunity is lost.

What are you waiting for? Book on as quickly as you can. Get your tickets below to join us on this amazing adventure.

This is the start of your most adventurous summer yet!!!


Frequently asked questions:

  1. What do I need to bring? Any food you need for Friday and after breakfast on Sunday. Also bring LOTS of snacks, especially ones you know your little ones like, to coax them up that hill! Camping stuff (we will send you a recommended list after booking), appropriate hiking clothing for the weather.
  2. How do I get there? After asking the Ordinary Superparents Community, we have decided that as we are all spread out across the UK that attendees will need to make their own way there. However, we encourage you to use the group to discuss car sharing where possible. We will send details of exactly where we will be a little closer to the time.
  3. What time should we arrive on Friday? When you can! Ideally with camping it’s easier to set up before dark but if that’s not possible for you then let us know your ETA and we will ensure someone is there to help you set up. One of our team will be at the campsite by 5pm.
  4. I am not really a hiker, are you sure I can make it? I don’t want to slow anybody down! Success = trying right? An adventure doesn’t always mean making it to the top. That being said, we are a super supportive community and full of people just like you! If you or your little one’s legs are struggling, we’ll work together to get you up the mountain or back down again.
  5. How long is the walk? The route is being decided in the next few weeks, with final decision on the day based on weather etc. Expect to be out their walking at the pace of our slowest, likely tiny toddler legs, for 6-8 hours.
  6. Can I bring my baby? Yep, bring a decent carrier and you’re on your way. There will likely be some spare backs to help carry if needed/desired too. In this community, we love to help 🙂
  7. Can my kid really achieve this? Who knows! Let’s enjoy trying though, right? Again, success is in the trying. Adventure is getting out there. They may just surprise you!Kids of all ages welcome.

If you have any further questions don’t be afraid to ask. Email Jon Doolan ( or post any general questions to the Facebook group.

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