Lou Shackleton
Change-maker in Chief

Lou grew up being told she was “too smart for art.” She pursued a career in psychology and academic research before an autoimmune disorder stopped her in her tracks. Now she’s on a mission to combine her psychology and creativity – her smarts and her arts – to make change more fun for all of us. As our resident personal transformation expert, Lou is responsible for experimenting with change in her own life and sharing what happens so you can learn from it, too. She’s putting all this together in the Field Guide to Change, a guide to navigating the changes in life: more on that here. When she’s not doing a 30 Day Challenge of her choice, she’s doing yoga, watching live bands, or practicing her doodles.

As part of our core team, Lou is committed to making a positive difference in her own life, and in her community.

Personal Challenge

Lou is on a personal mission to get fitter and healthier after being diagnosed with a long-term health condition in 2006. Back in 2013 she ran her first 5k. She also challenged herself to get up earlier by completing a 30 Day Sunrise Photo Challenge. She’s proud of her fitness journey, including her achievement of doing 2250 burpees in June 2016.

Community Challenge

Lou wants to see a world where more people take small risks everyday. She is taking on the Robot of Mediocrity as her superhero alter-ego, Danger Lou. Danger Lou helps Lou and others to change their relationship with risk, and is currently working on writing and illustrating the Field Guide to Change. Find out more about that here.

Meet Danger Lou