Get your Gamelan Groove on!

Cluzion Music and The You Can Hub are very excited about a partnership that is making an instrument accessible to the local community in Cambridge! Dave McKenny is an expert in the Javanese Gamelan, which is best described as a whole room full of gongs, xylophones and drums… we’re pretty sure you won’t have seen anything like it before! The first event will be on Monday 19th December. Take a look at our Gamelan Workshop Flyer December to find out more. You can also complete and return the Gamelan Booking Form 2011.

Dave is keen to share his expertise with anyone interested in making sound. The You Can Hub is excited because the instrument has to be played as a team – so everyone has to work together! We’re also working together with other organisations to make sure the event is a success. The You Can Hub will be there as facilitators, to support anyone with additional needs and make sure that everyone has a great time! We hope to see you there!

Tiger Blue at Cluzion…

If you missed the Cluzion gig this weekend you missed a real treat. Tiger Blue played a soulful set and looked like they could have kept going all night! Singer Meg impressed all with her beautiful voice, not too mention peacock feathers in her hair. This week there was also a support act giving their first performance! Both bands played a mix of classic covers with a sprinkling of their own compositions.

Cluzion music nights are run by Tony Phillips, with an ethos of encouraging anyone and everyone to enjoy and appreciate music. Tony is great at bringing people in to the sessions and creating a sense of community. Come along to the next one to see if you like the vibe! For full details, check out the Cluzion website.

New social enterprise making festivals more accessible…

I’m pretty excited because at the StartChange event a couple of weeks ago Lauren Croll of social enterprise incubator UnLtd was talking about some of their recent projects and mentioned FESTAXI. FESTAXI uses golf buggies to help festival goers get around festival sites. The story of its start up, however, is inspirational; the founder tried to go to Glastonbury with a disabled friend and had to give up because it just wasn’t possible to get around. I can’t find any information about this story on the FESTAXI website, so I can’t verify it, but I think it’s a great idea!

From Lauren’s description, it seems that FESTAXI charges people without mobility problems to use the buggies, and this means that people with mobility problems can use them for free. It would be great to see more of this story on the FESTAXI website!