You Can Bike Too at Park Life!

Milton Country Park

Lots of interest in You Can Bike Too at Milton Country Park

Volunteers from You Can Bike Too were at the Milton Country Park Park Life event on 24th June. Ruth and Angela went along to tell people a bit more about You Can Bike Too. Lots of people wanted to know more and get involved, and Angela and Ruth also got to make some new links with South Cambridgeshire District Council. All fantastic steps in getting this fabulous project off the ground!

You Can Bike Too has a group of people with disabilities who are interested in being the project team – completing all the research and work necessary to develop and deliver the project.  The group will develop communication skills, confidence and the ability to work in a team.

If you are interested in getting involved in You Can Bike Too, get in touch! You might be someone who is keen to have a go at cycling, and you might be interested in supporting us in other ways! You can


Milton Country Park

Angela and Ruth with all the info on You Can Bike Too!

rt us by:

– offering to volunteer

– fundraising on our behalf

– donating money

You can get in touch through our contact us page.

You can also follow us on Twitter to keep updated with our progress!

Lou Shackleton

Change-maker in Chief

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